the westcoast

sandōk - the westcoast


1. tupac – to live and die in l.a. (oakland/los angeles)
2. ice cube – you know how we do (compton)
3. warren g – this dj (long beach)
4. tha dogg pound – let’s play house (long beach)
5. nwa – express yourself (compton)
6. dr. dre & snoop – nuthin’ but a g thang (compton & long beach)
7. dr. dre – the next episode (compton)
8. mista grimm – endo smoke (west covina)
9. snoop dogg – gin and juice (long beach)
10. snoop dogg – lay low (long beach)
11. nwa – chin check (compton)
12. nwa – hello (compton)
13. cypress hill – how i could just kill a man (south gate)
14. del tha funkee homosapien – BMs (oakland)
15. pharcyde – runnin’ (los angeles)
16. the game – hate it or love it (compton)
17. dj quik – you’z a gangsta (compton)
18. kendrick lamar – the heart part ii (compton)
19. rappin 4 tay & pretty lights – playa’s club (san fran)
20. tupac – i wonder if heaven got a ghetto (oakland/la)
21. luniz – i got 5 on it (oakland)
22. dr. dre – xxplosive (compton)
23. [bonus track] kendrick lamar – ronald reagan era (compton)

april '12

I was talking about this idea for a mixtape for quite some time now.  It was tough because I wanted to do so much with it but still keep the smooth westcoast vibe throughout.

I finally disciplined myself to sit down and look for a tracklist with my favorite westcoast artist. I opened with Tupac’s “To Live and die in LA” because it has that cruisin’ down sunset (liking the scene) vibe. I wanted to throw in Cube’s “It was a Good Day,” but I opted with the just-as-smooth, “You Know How We Do.” The rest of the track list kind of made itself. I really wanted to represent the westcoast G-Funk, Gangsta vibe, and raw talent.

I wanted to throw in some Odd Future and Blu since I put Kendrick Lamar on here–but Odd Future Hits too hard for this mixtape. and I couldn’t find a right place effort Blu.

I hope you y’all enjoy this mixtape! To think…I almost left out Cypress Hill–one of my favorite hip hop groups!