dealing with distractions

sandōk - dealing with distractions


1. Jodeci - Freekn'you
2. Erykah Badu  - Didn'tchaknow
3. Janet Jackson + Blackstreet - I Get So Lonely
4. Aaliyah - Man Undercover
5. Lana Del Rey - Westcoast
6. Sza - Broken Clocks
7. Leon Bridges - Bad Bad News
8. N.e.r.d. - You Know What
9. Jorja Smith - On My Mind
10. Kali Uchis - Your Teeth In My Neck
11. Sza - Garden (Say It Like That)
12. Ella Mai + John Legend - Everything
13. Bryson Tiller - Blame
14. Kali Uchis - Flight 22
15. Janelle Monae - Make Me Feel
16. Prince - 17 Days
17. 2 Chainz - Rolls Royce Bitch
18. Bryson Tiller - Don’t Get Too High
19. Jhene Aiko - Triggered
20. H.e.r. - Losing
21. Snoh Allegra - Time
22. Sza + Dvsn - The Weekend

aug '19


this project was almost completed but moving into my new apartment in july took the majority of my time.  even then, this project was supposed to be completed in may as a “hip hop mixtape,” but i decided against that because well...this was the vibe i was feeling for the summer.

it’s pretty eclectic.  but i think that fits my persona as a dj.  

i’ve been super-reflective on my dj career and incredibly grateful for the clients that welcomed me into their lives for their special occasions.  

for example, a lot of my friends got married in their 20s.  these are the same friends that would hire me for their birthday, halloween, you-name-it parties.  it hit me pretty recently that many of their weddings signified their next chapter in their life and their party days are over.  

it’s that same mixed bag of emotions that’s attached to any sort of nostalgia: i’m sad that the past is over because there were some great memories made; however, i’m incredibly happy to have experienced those memories and knowing i was a part of their lives providing the vibes for the night.

i’m incredibly lucky to be able to continue my career as a dj as well as grow as an artist.  i know far too many people that fell off for their own reasons and i totally respect their choice.  that’s why i genuinely mean it when i say i’m blessed to be able to find a balance with my professional teaching career and dj'ing.

i hope you enjoy this one.  i sure did making it.

- sandōk