damsels & dames vol. 1

sandōk - overdue


1. tamia – officially missing you (remix)
2. amy winehouse – you know i’m no good (remix)
3. the fugees – killing me softly
4. les nubians – bebela
5. lana del rey – serial killer
6. grimes – vanessa
7. erykah badu – bag lady (remix)
8. dionne waricke + j.dilla – stop, you’re gonna want me back
9. sade – love is found
10. janelle monae – neon valley street
11. portishead – it could be sweet
12. the roots – you got me
13. janet jackson – where are you now
14. mary j. blige – my life
15. aaliyah – four page letter
16. janet jackson – anytime anyplace
17. kendrick lamar + drake – poetic justice
18. rihanna – stay (branchez remix)
19. monica – don’t take it personal
20. mariah carey – heartbreaker </3
21. tlc – creep
22. tina turner – what’s love got to do with it?
23. salt ‘n peppa – shoop
24. janelle monae – dance apocolyptic

aug '13

Oh my gosh.  I can’t believe it’s been a year and four months since I opened Ableton to start a mixtape.  At least I had my priorities in order when I focused on the quality of my teaching.  I was scared that I forgot all the small tricks I learned in Ableton over a year ago but it’s just like riding a bike.

I wanted to dedicate a mixtape to all the female vocalists and some rappers.  I have a lot of ideas for mixtapes; however, this was the easiest to execute in a short period of time.   I asked my friends on Facebook if they had any artists they wanted to hear.  I got a lot of great suggestions that I’m saving for future projects.  I’m hoping to maybe make Damsels & Dames going through a miniseries of different themes.  For example there were songs I really wanted to throw in but were just way too slow or way too funky.

I had a lot of fun making this.  I think I was caught singing “What’s Love Got to do with It?”when my friends came over.  Hahah.  I really like how this album is all of the place with a different mood attached to each song.  There are parts where it’s really funky, parts where it’s slow and sensual, and parts where it’s rhythmically hypnotic.  I hope you enjoy it!